Scholarship Implementation

Scholarship Implementation

In line with the guidelines set forth by the Scholarship Committee and approved by the Civil Initiative (CI) Board, the Civil Scholarship Program was officially launched in 2018 within the districts of Dolakha and Gorkha. This initiative was specifically aimed at aiding the children affected by the devastating earthquake. A consultative approach was employed, involving local stakeholders and representatives from the Ministry of Education to devise the scholarship guidelines. Forty students, ten from each school, were meticulously selected, with a commitment to ensure gender balance by choosing an equal number of girls and boys, totaling 20 each, for the scholarship awards. This strategy was adopted to facilitate the assessment of the program’s initial impact across the two selected districts.

The Civil Scholarship Fund’s core mission is to support academically driven students from economically challenged communities. The fund seeks to foster an increase in school enrollment and attendance, improve learning outcomes, and reduce both dropout and repetition rates, thereby promoting the cycle of educational completion. Scholarships are granted to students from Grade VIII to Grade XII, upholding the principle of inclusivity.

Distribution of the scholarships has been carried out conscientiously. Ten students from Himalaya Secondary School in Barpak-Sulikot Rural Municipality, Saurpani, and Siddhartha Secondary School in Jaubari Rural Municipality in the Gorkha district have been selected. In Dolakha, deserving students from Nokobhume Secondary School in Kalinchowk Rural Municipality, Babre Secondary School, and Kalinag Secondary School in Sunkhani Rural Municipality were recognized in a ceremony held on April 23rd. Scholarships will support the recipients through their studies from Grade 9 until the completion of Grade 12. Each student has been allocated NPR 14,500 annually to cover the costs of day lunch, school uniforms, shoes, bags, and stationery.

The scholarships were awarded to students from two schools in Barpak Sulikot Rural Municipality, Gorkha, on April 19, 2018, and to those from two schools in Kalinchok Rural Municipality, Dolakha, on April 23, 2018, amidst separate functions attended by CI and the donor organization NRNA Thailand, Mega Bank representatives. The Kantipur City College team facilitated the distribution program.


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