Intern abroad with IAESTE


Am I eligible?

  • Available for full-time students at Nepali universities and colleges between 18 and 35 years old
  • Studying science, engineering, IT, business, applied arts, or other professional programs
  • Undergraduate or graduate students. Graduating students are eligible as well.  However, you must still be a student when you register with us.
  • IAESTE is great for summer jobs, co-op jobs, or to work abroad at the end of your study program.

IAESTE internships are…

  • In your field of study or closely related
  • In over 90 countries around the world
  • Paid enough to cover your living expenses in the country of work
  • 6 to 52 weeks long
  • Social events and support from IAESTE in the country of work

How to apply?

First Stage: Prescreening

  • Apply for an IAESTE internship using the form provided by IAESTE Nepal with NPR 2,500 application fee to the designated account. 
  • IAESTE Nepal exchange coordinator will review the application.
  •  We will inform successful candidates in the prescreening (first) round by email.

Second Stage: Interview and Nomination

  • IAESTE Nepal will invite the candidates to register on our exchange platform at  as a student which IAESTE Nepali will check and approve. Make sure you enter Nepal as the IAESTE Committee.
  • IAESTE Nepal will conduct the interview to nominate the best matching candidate for each offer.  
  • We will assign the offer to the successfully nominated candidates on our exchange platform.

To apply for an offer

  • If you are nominated, you can see specified offers available through your account at and you can apply for that on the exchange platform within the given timeframe by IAESTE Nepal.
  • There can be open/pop offers also on EP. If you see such an offer on EP that you want to apply for, you should first email to [email protected]  with the offer Reference Number. 
  • Our Exchange Coordinator will verify that the offer is still available and that no other Nepali students have already applied for the same position. If available, you can then apply for the offer.
  • This allows you to apply for as many IAESTE positions as you would like, one at a time, for 1 year from the date you pay the fee.
  • We will send you instructions including the information required to apply, which includes a cover letter, resume, official transcripts, certificate of enrollment from your school, and other documents.  You will also require a passport valid beyond the end date of the internship.

When you are accepted by the employer

  • After the employer has accepted you for a position, you will be required to pay a non-refundable NPR 15,000 processing fee within a week and report to exchange-coordinator at [email protected] .
  • Once you pay the service fee, official documents will be provided for visa processing. You should not process a visa without paying the service fee that will impact your nomination.
  • Salaries are sufficient to cover your expenses while you are abroad but you are responsible for your own transportation health/travel insurance and visa costs.

How to Pay Fees to IAESTE Nepal?

  • Please DO NOT make any financial transactions in cash for IAESTE Nepal.
  • Application and/or processing fee to IAESTE Nepal should be made to Civil Initiative Account 00200100522013000001 at Nepal Bank Ltd New Road Branch. Civil Initiative is an official representative of IAESTE in Nepal. 

When does the internship start?

Normally, we collect regular student applications between September and January. End of January we exchange offers at the Annual conference. We start to nominate students

Inquiry and Deadline for application

  • January 14, 2022, for the regular round. The application will be open year-round for the pop-up offer.


Kabu Bhawan, opposite Chirayu Hospital, Basundhara, Kathmandu 03, 44600 Nepal

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