In order for effective implementation of the Civil Scholarship Fund set up in Kathmandu, Nepal with the sponsorship of NRNA, Thailand with the amount of NPR 3,300,000 (three point three million) which is deposited at Mega Bank Nepal Limited to earn an annual interest of 12 per cent, initiatives are being taken to launch the program. An agreement has been signed with Mega Bank Nepal Limited, Kathmandu, which will provide an annual grant of Rs. 300,000 (three hundred thousand) for initial five years with effect from 2074/75 Fiscal Year (2017). Mega Bank has already transferred Rs. 300,000 (three hundred thousand) to the Civil Scholarship Fund account held at Mega Bank on 24 September 2017.

The Civil Scholarship Board in Kathmandu headed by Mr Hemanta Raj Dahal, in accordance with the Civil Scholarship Fund Guidelines, has chosen two of the 2015 the most earthquake hit districts– Gorkha and Dolakha. Following procedures were adopted to select the schools from these two districts.

  1. Consultations were made with the representatives of District Education Offices. These offices were familiarized about the scholarship criteria in accordance with the Civil Scholarship Fund Guidelines. Besides, other channels in the local level were also used to identify the schools. Once four schools were identified in each district, the status of the schools and the target students were verified with the head teachers. Finally, two schools were selected in Gorkha and two schools in Dolakha district. The details of the selected schools are as follows:

Gorkha District:

  1. Himalaya Secondary School
  2. Siddhartha Secondary School

Dolkha District:

  1. Hanumanteshwor Secondary School
  2. Kalinag Secondary School

Upon the selection of these schools, 20 students (10 boys and 10 girls) from two schools in Gorkha and 20 students (10 boys and 10 girls) from two schools in Dolkha district were awarded the Civil Scholarship as per the nomination of the respective head teachers. All the students were selected from grade 9 and 10.

Civil Scholarship package included annual NRs. 14,500/- (Fourteen thousand five hundred Nepali rupees) cash annually untill the students complete their high school (grade 12). The amount has been decided by an informal survey of the expenditures on clothes, shoes, snacks, stationary items and bag. 

Civil Scholarship was implemented with effect from Kartik 1, 2074 B.S. (18 October 2017) and first the scholarship distribution events were held on sites in  on 9 April 2018 in Gorkha and  23 April 2018, Dolkha districts. During the scholarship distribution events, representatives from CI, NRNA Thailand, Mega Bank were present along with Kantipur City College volunteers.